Potent Choco-Mousse

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This just in, apparently Sunday is Easter, or the day of Rabbit worship, as I like to call it. The day I renew my vow never again to eat our furry friend, and also not to hide any eggs of any animals. Also a quick reminder…rabbits do not lay eggs, last time I checked. I promise I’ve witnessed many a rabbit birth in a small town in Portugal where most summers were spent. – I digress, Easter does mean something to me… days off! Yes.. up til 3 (check the time stamp on this one) and waking at 11 or so… hooray for holidays. Oh yeah.. and its Passover.. so thats nice as well. It also means time to spend with important folks in my life, for that reason, Sunday it’ll be an ex-pat Easter-Feaster. Everyone’s bringing something of course, I’m supplying my personal super-potent choco-moooooooooose. (it must be written that way) Someday I’ll share my recipe… I believe in open-source cooking.

I have been following the Condoleeza Rice testimony before the 9/11 panel but I have to say I really don’t care for the whole thing. Why is it thatonly 3 years later they’re doing this? An investigation with any real merit should be immediately following the crime. The excuse of national security is just a red herring to let government officials conceal secrets that would destroy them. Not to mention the panel has no teeth and is made up of individuals who are excessively complimenting and admiring the very people they should be investigating. They need less politeness and more interrogation. The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting peace on how Americans are watching this thing.

I did manage to catch Chuck D on Air America today.. not bad. There is hope for this radio network! He even hosts a music show on Saturday evenings, I’m definately going to look into that.

Today’s Music: Death Cab for Cutie – Transatlanticism

Another Night of Horn

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I’d like to say thank you to all you internauts out there, my blog set a new record for visitors yesterday… 26 in one day. Yes I know it’s a modest number, but I’m a modest guy, if you can ignore the narcissism of all this. My England visitors are increasing, and I suspect that my participation on livejournal has led a few people to wander over. If that’s your case, welcome!

I listen to alot of radio during the course of the day. Over breakfast and lunch, I’m tuned to the BBC Worldservice, in the late morning, if I can, I’m tuned to Dutch public radio. In the afternoon I tune into RFI – French Radio International, and I rarely miss Democracy Now, Off the Hook, and tons of other shows on WBAI-NYC. Late night I lose out on alot of sleep cause I’m still listening to my boys Ron and Fez in DC on WJFK. I even do what I can to contribute to the show with instant messages. Today it was the BBC that really had my attention, their program: Europe Today, did a special on Talinn, Estonia, and how the city (as well as the country) is changing with its entry into the European Union only one month away (May 1st!). In this segment they chose to focus on all the mobile phone companies that moved their factories there, reason: NO TAXES. Apprently they get huge tax breaks. Which reminds me of the type of strategy Portugal has to attract foreign investment. I’m an opponent of such deals. Those companies should contribute to the community.. not just come in cause its cheap… hire some people… fire some people.. and get out. I’d call this the dark side of joining the EU.

On a lighter note, I wish I was this guy:

It took him more then ten years to build his very own monorail system in his yard! How cool is that? Not very cool says you? OH I disagree… I’d ride in circles.. happily.

Today’s Music: Vinicious Cantuaria – Sol na Cara

Part Time Lover

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There has been an increase of UK residents visiting my blog in the past week, I’d just like to take the time to welcome them! Today I was totally enjoying the London Underground Blog and this video of a guy sliding down a huge escalator, that she had posted on there. Public transport stunts are the best.

So I grew up in NJ, as you may well know, and I was glad to read that unlike that coward Bloomberg, the mayor of Asbury Park and Governor McGreevey, have legally recognized gay marriages. They join the mayor of Seattle and of course, “America’s Mayor” San Fran’s Gavin Newsom. Hooray for my homestate! Oh and one last thing about gay marriages… I completely agree that this whole anti-gay marriage push is horrid. However, it should not underscore my distaste for the institution of marriage in general. Overpriced ceremonies, showers, gifts, clothing, food… I could care less for it. Nevermind the fact that I find it has become devoid of meaning. What Im saying is, in many ways – sure you should have the legal right, but why participate anyway, in such a crap tradition. Civil Unions all the way!

This week I bought a Portuguese book on weblogs by Mr. Antonio Granado a great journalist in Portugal. His blog has become the way I start the day, and we’ve even exchanged emails, which is great. I must become a well rounded scholar in the realm of weblogs and online communication! Speaking of which, my article on alternative journalists was submitted today to a scholarly journal in the states… I’ll be posting it on my website this week, as well as announcing if and when it gets accepted. Oh, and anyone in the Amsterdam area, an article of mine came out in this month’s “Insiders” published by the ISN. The online version should be available shortly. See, I’m earning my self-proclaimed title of a “journalist!”

Today’s Music: Art Blakey- Feelin Good (love that Caravan)

Web bugs and Backup Governments

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Apparently, around the same time I was enjoying the company of some lovely Swiss visitors, my blog went down. I’ve heard rumors of blogger being plagued by bugs.. but now I’ve properly backed it up. I’ve added a few good blogs to my blog links just to your left.. by all means.. check them out.

Well it’s official, the Greek elections are over, and the Conservative Party, aka New Democratic party, have won. Years of domination by the socialist party have ended, to no great surprise – it’s a trend in Europe. Lets see now… Portugal, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Denmark.. all conservative parties in power, elected in the last few years. Mind you, we’re talking European Conservative, which in American terms would be considered liberal… the spectrum is a bit different. Now I know what you’re thinking – and no, the Olympics will go on as scheduled. You’ll still get to watch Ballroom Dancing, Skeet Shooting, and Kayaking direct from Athens… if they ever finish the construction. I’ve never been there, but it was not rated very highly in terms of the World’s Livable City Survey But Amsterdam came in tenth place! Just below Syndey and Frankfurt. For all the Canadians out there, Vancouver came in second place, and Calgary (home of Miss B.) was declared best in terms of health and sanitation. Click on that link, find out if your city is livable. If it isn’t, in the name of humanity, MOVE AWAY!

I’m finally polishing off this Hunter S. Thompson book Kingdom of Fear, what started as a smooth read filled with Drugs, Guns, Sex and Politics – in that order, has now become difficult to finish. Next up will be a re-read of Freud’s Civilization and It’s Discontents. Fun aren’t I? Otherwise there’s always the Utne Reader Book Club.

Today’s Music: Bill Frisell – Gone Just Like a Train