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Saturday is for Remembering

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I’ve got new creative things coming this week for the blog. But as for today —
Rumor has it, and statistics will show, that on Saturdays less people read blogs and surf the net in general! Where did I get that? I dunno… I’ve been around. However– for me, Saturdays involve talking to the family, and lots of leisure time of course, and that’s when memories like this one come back to me:

It must have been 1995… not really sure.… Read Full Text

Not Death But Taxes

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Since this here blog began, and especially since it has blossomed (to quote the prolific Verbal Chameleon), I have gotten lots of emails from strangers. One turned out to be a long-lost cousin in Calipornia, sometime they are from fellow Luso’s. (Luso means linked to Portugal or Portuguese Culture)some just wanted to say they read and enjoy, but still others ask advice; something like: “I want to go live outside the US BM!Read Full Text