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5 Star Hotel

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I’ve shifted apartments here at the bicyclemark ranch. I now have a garden view, no more tourists looking in my window as I eat breakfast or play horn without pants on. Although I will miss the canal view, I’m quite content with the plum tree and the cat who interact with each other at my new windows.

Since I’ve just moved in (down the hall.. so it took me 4 hours to move to my new place) I figure why not celebrate by spending the night at a 5 star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam.… Read Full Text

Gift from Angola

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I was riding home from bowling the other night, as usual my mind racing with all sorts of brilliant and unbrilliant thoughts. Over time, in Amsterdam, one develops this talent to just ride fast as hell, ignore red lights, and weave around traffic and kamikaze pedestrians. Sometimes a person or a car or some random thing catches your attention as you ride, and for those brief moments, you try to soak up the situation before you’ve ridden off.… Read Full Text

Sunday Pod People

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If I can swing it, from now on, Sunday’s will be dedicated to Podcasting. No it has nothing to do with alien probes, or genetic mutations, it is –according to me– the next frontier of blog universe: frequently updated websites with audio posts (MP3’s) consisting of commentary, music, interviews, etc. Adam Curry can explain it better, and sure enough, he just moved from the Netherlands.

I used to think, “Podcasting?Read Full Text

And I feel fine

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What will the end of the world look like? I mean.. the initial day, if you look at the sky, what color and things will you see?

What I love about this city is that there is always at least one day in the week where I wake up, look outside, see giant baseballs of hale, black angry clouds, and a junky flying away on a broom, and I think: Yeah… could be today.Read Full Text