No offence to anyone who visited me in the netherlands over the past 3 or so years, but the past 6 months have been some of my most favorite houseguest adventures ever. Whether it was NoCoins and Tawdryjones coming over from Philly, my dear cousin N coming over from Portugal, or my latest houseguest characochan, who flew away this morning; I have really enjoyed their presence. Different reasons for each, but overall, to be in the city I am so in love with, and to be able to show the people I love my life here.

I think we all go through this, right? Maybe it’s called validation or something. The idea that something is important to you, and you want important people in your life to see it first hand and if possible – share in it.

And as if the year couldn’t get any better, one of my newest and most favorite friends and blogscientist is making the journey from northern sweden, in only a few weeks. Excited isn’t word enough to describe. And it doesn’t stop there, formerly of fame, and now a gal, Bronwyn is coming to town and by that time we will have a powerbook duel. (consider it the dueling banjos of the 2000’s)

Speaking of Apple… a few more tips today: Brian and BadHareDay, thanks to everyone who’s been able to toss in a few bucks in the jar… I’m well on my way to hitting my target (money for half of it), so really – thanks to all of you.

Hey go check me out gueststarring on a blog about coffee! Maté represent!

Today’s Sounds: Bill Frisell – Transcontinentals

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Soldierblogger Homecoming

It seems I’ve gone back to being a nocturnal blogger, which is the only way I used to do it. It’s funny what you do differently… think, talk, write, depending on what time of day you do it. What time do you all blog?

So some of you may know about what are sometimes called Warblogs. (a name I don’t dig) I think a more accurate description would be soldier blogs, since they are -in fact- blogs written by soldiers. And if you’re familiar with the Communiqué, you know that over the past year I’ve become fast friends with a soldier blogger, Chris Missick, stationed in Iraq. As I’m always telling people, despite different worldviews, Chris and I share important things in common: music and a love for blogging.

Well last week, in what came as a huge surprise to me, Chris Missick returned to the US, ending (i think) his tour of duty, and letting him be home with his fam in Calipornia. I was surprised because, though he said it would happen soon, in my mind it was always going to take longer than expected… like one of those things you try not to look forward to because the wait will make you grow restless.

Many of you might not read Chris, I’ve noted that bloggers are more likely to read writing they agree with. So if you agree with me too often, you might not wish to read someone who is patriotic, a Bush supporter, and an active participant in what is called “the war on terror.” But I decided long ago that I don’t read blogs solely for their politics, and since so many millions seem to agree with him, it might be interesting to walk in his shoes thru his blog.

Reading about his return home, I felt both relief and frustration. Relief to hear that my friend is home and safe… not to mention excited about the future. Frustration because I don’t agree with the idea that the American invasion of Iraq has made the world a safer place.

If you think about it, it’s basically a theory; many people believe their world is safer because the US forced Iraq to become a “democracy”. Many people also believe there is a bearded deity who lives in the sky and demands that people worship him. Again.. a theory that many believe. Neither holds much water with me.

My point was, prior to bitching about feeling safe or not, I’m glad to hear Chris is home and I look forward to his veteran blogging. Stories of him driving to the beach and getting the house that he has wanted.

Update on my macfund: I’m very excited… not only am I raising the necessary funds, but I’m feeling all warm and loved! Thanks to Green Catfish, Slykk, and a kind-caring mother.

Today’s Sounds: Accident Hash Podcast #8

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Paris South Iberia Left

Before getting to today’s business, I got a lil announcement: I’ll be podcasting from none other then París, France this weekend! Yes… thanks to I got hooked up with a bunch of students who rented a bus and are going down for the weekend.. 40 euros round trip, I couldn’t turn it down.

This means the AudioCommuniqué will have a decidedly Français flavor to it and just wait for all the madness that comes out of bicyclemark in that environment. Remember April 2004, my last visit? Gotta make sure all my batteries are charged and equipment is ready, cause we’re talking soundseeing, interviews, language melange, etc.

I’ll also be visiting with a laundry list of my favorite people ever, who have all migrated to that city in the past years: Shakespeare who studied with me in Aix, BlueBerry Girl who handles the World’s Bank money, Big Jim who’s still settling in, and my Polish compadre who studied with me here in the ‘dam. I’m psyched… anybody need anything from Paris?

Onward to business. I consider myself an Iberian blogger, because my heritage and my legal status is tied to Portugal and hence, the Iberian peninsula. And sometimes, amidst all the stupidity and debauchery, Spain and Portugal do some cool shit that I like watching. Which is exactly what happened this weekend.

The political left is back in business in PT, with the socialist party taking a big ol majority. More importantly, my boys the Left Block, the thinkers, the guys who don’t dress well for parliament, they gained seats! Even the Communist/Greens gained, which is fun too. Don’t get me wrong, its typical political crap, less then 6 years ago they got all pissy with the socialists and kicked them the hell out, and now they welcome them back like potential saviors.. same shit.. hooray for democracy and its goldfish memory.

Also quite interesting, the Spaniards went to the polls.. well.. some of them, and they voted YES to the European Constitution. I understand some of the criticism out there about this document, but overall it promotes a standard of human rights that I think is a pretty good start, so I’m psyched the voters support it. Lots of countries in Europe, including my dear Netherlands and Portugal look like they might reject it in a referendum, but at the very least, it was cool to see Spain go for it.

What… you don’t like European Politics? 25 countries… 10 languages or whatever… how can you not be curious? I find it fun in a very watching paint dry type way.

For real fun, consult the HUN, my new daily read, and BigTanky who sent a nice email.

Anyone wanna go to paris from amsterdam friday? 40 euros round trip.. 2 spots left.. use the email.

Today’s Sounds: Slackers – The Question

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Delay in the carpal Tunnel

When I’m not in the fishtank, my job involves sittin pretty in an office-type atmosphere. I love being up there because unlike in the fishtank, I’m not repeatedly interrupted by young, beautiful fish, who try to put spells on me which prevent any kind of work from getting done. But today my shoulder aching was noted by co-workers, and the conversation quickly switched to “Why Bicyclemark should fear the wrath of Carple Tunnel.” (also known in the netherlands as RSI.)They threw around all kinds of recommendations, mostly about finally buying an office chair, straightening my lazy back, etc.

I kept thinking of Tony Pierce, who has so often mentioned this horrible condition. So often I remember him making blog posts that simply say “I can’t post today because of the pain, here’s one from the archives.” I can’t believe I’m heading down that road… it’s actually quite scarey. Hell, I even appealed to Tony today for some words of wisdom. Come to think of it, he warned me long ago.

25 years old is the bicyclemark! That’s invincible age! I can climb mountains, run marathons, rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time, .. what’s this arm pain? Doesn’t it know who I am? Doesn’t it know that without the inkernet and computers, I’m done for? Thank the golden calf there’s podcasting, cause my voice never betrays me. You hear that voice… don’t fail me now!

Speaking of the pod, I just read the Dawn and Drew article in the US’s lamest national paper. For a paper that is normally quite journalisticaly-challenged, it’s a pretty decent fluff piece. And nice for DnD, my internet bitches.

Time to go check the Ma&Me blog. C’est cool.

Today’s Sounds: Waldemar Bastos – Angola, Minha Namorada

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