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People’s Herstory

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Twas the night before liberation day and all through the city, not a creature was stirring, except maybe a Portuguese-American riding back from Rock-n-Roll Amy’s. Some children are probably nestled all snug in their beds, while bm sits at his powerbook and listens to a People’s history of the United States on audio book.

Perhaps you know of Howard Zinn’s thick but compelling History told from the people’s experiences. Nothing to do with that crap they’re dishing out in American public and private schools.… Read Full Text

That Roll

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For those who may be wondering, my next podcast will arrive on sunday. I’ve held off this week for numerous reasons, including fighting off Pod Fatigue (other peoples, not mine), letting people catch up, been travlin’ within the NL, and had visitors!

Gotta mention fun times in Enschede (east of the netherlands)at a blogger dinner with such friends as Miss Mathemagenic, Anjo, Carla, Ton, and of course the visiting Steph “thesumofmyparts”.… Read Full Text

Not Death But Taxes

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Since this here blog began, and especially since it has blossomed (to quote the prolific Verbal Chameleon), I have gotten lots of emails from strangers. One turned out to be a long-lost cousin in Calipornia, sometime they are from fellow Luso’s. (Luso means linked to Portugal or Portuguese Culture)some just wanted to say they read and enjoy, but still others ask advice; something like: “I want to go live outside the US BM!Read Full Text