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bm185 GI Janes Return from Afghanistan

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It was over a year ago that GI JAne first appeared on this program, discussing the problems and concerns of her upcoming delpoyment to Afghanistan.… Read Full Text

Weekend News and Developments

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On the g-chat the other day I spotted GI-JANE, still out there doing her job in Afghanistan somewhere. It had been awhile so of course we had our usual fun conversation about all topics under the sun. The great news is that she said she’s going home.. after I can’t remember how many months guiding the convoys for the US army.. she’s going back to the US. And eventually.. she’ll be free and travelling, surely to pass through Europa.… Read Full Text

bm178 Resisting the War, Moving to Canada

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Many of us grew up with stories of how soldiers who disagreed with Vietnam found asylum in Canada.… Read Full Text

Collective Amnesia and Unecessary Deaths

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One US television weekly news program that I watch fairly religiously is 60 minutes. I don’t love it, but I’m fascinated by it and my own research indicates that 1 out of every 6 stories they cover are actually quite good. Still, I watch them all; the good, bad, and obscenely cliché.

In their most recent program, they began with a piece that had me extra annoyed and yelling at the screen as I so often do as I slowly spiral into madness.… Read Full Text