ctrp323 Other than that Mrs. Lincoln…

MP3 Audio [24 MB]DownloadShow URL John Aravosis is annoyed. For him and millions of Obama supporters who believed in the campaign that swept the current president into office, there is a great feeling of disgust with what has happened over the past year.  What happened? On issue after issue, causes that were very clearly indentified […]

Argentine Media Law

The Argentine parliament passed a new media reform law last week that caused alot of controversy throughout the country and is also of interest for national media policy throughout the world. The stated purpose and provisions of the law are not altogether unfamiliar ones, though in this era of dying newspapers and hyper consolidation of […]

ctrp317 European News Values from West to East

MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL Sitting in as far East as geographic Europe goes, questions about where we are and how things here differ from things over there arise. While in Western Europe issues regarding climate change are high on the public agenda, how does that issue fair in the East? On this particular night […]

Future of Television, Ahem

One of the fun parts of working as part of a freelance journalist collective in a city filled with creative minds, sometimes you get invited to something interesting and unexpected. Sometimes its just the opposite. Today some of my ambitious colleagues asked if I wanted to sit in and give my 2 cents at a […]