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ctrp406 Personal Media Empires Strike Back

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Photo by Thomas Wagner / Flickr

Personal media empires aren’t a new concept, but with every year that goes by and every advancement that helps individuals produce original content- they rise.¬†… Read Full Text

Complex Answers

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Berlin, 2010“You want it to be one way…” as the character Marlo Stanfield once put it. When we look out at the world or when we look to our various sources of information about what is happening to ourselves and to others, we seek explanations. ¬†Explanations into how and why, into who wronged who, and to what is a solution if there is a solution. Some like the long detailed explanations, while more seem to want summaries, short versions, and just the latest info. ¬†… Read Full Text

ctrp361 Flattering the Internets

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Berlin, last day of 2010It wouldn’t be the proper start to a new year if there weren’t a podcast featuring Tim Pritlove on¬†… Read Full Text

ctrp323 Other than that Mrs. Lincoln…

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John Aravosis is annoyed.… Read Full Text