State He’s In

The basic elements of a good breakfast in my world: Special K, Organic Soymilk, and banana. This morning I added one extremely unhealthy ingredient: the Vice Presidential debates. It sounds more like a “who loves to bomb and kill people more” competition. I can barely tell who the “liberal” is. To his credit Edwards sounds human, versus MechaGodzilla.

Last night I chatted with the Brian, the man behind The State I’m In, and man was it entertaining. Highlights are posted on his bloggy. Turns out he’s a huge MST3K fan and he’s good with his mutants. We both agree that the best name for the future baseball team should be: The DC Comics.(credit Ron and Fez callers for that one)

Before I make my official Peace Prize selection-prediction, I wanted to announce a new blog exercise: This ol’Park. A little background: Being as though I’m the part-time work king, I have Friday off. I use my free time to explore Amsterdam, and the internet (more often). Therefore every Friday until it gets too dam cold, I shall visit and review a different Amsterdam park, complete with photo. It shall begin Friday and I encourage questions in the comment section. oh and one more announcement, I shall be featuring a guestblog or an interview (depending on which she grants me) with THE Torontonienne as she’s back from the beer gardens tomorrow.

Now to thin the herd, the bicyclemark Peace Prize finalists are:

3. President Obesanjo of Nigeria, for appearing in most peace negotiation photos of any world leader last year.

2. President-Select Karzai of Afghanistan, for visiting many shithole towns and evading death, so far.

1. Bono, no the singer. Although Sonny might posthumously deserve something.

I hope they don’t go and just give it to an organization, that’s such a cop-out. Good luck to all finalists this Friday, and good luck trying to claim a prize from me, punks.

Someone made a video version of Tony Pierce’s How-to-Vote blogpost, dam the blogosphere is fun. And for all the historians out there, recording history as it happens: I’m looking like a strong write-in candidate in New Jersey. If I win, it will be a very Lenin-like return to the states for me, out of exile. Somebody find his old armored train and convert it to a plane for me.

Today’s Sound: Waking up to the Veep Debate on

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Night Owls

Often when you least expect it, one of those crazy Amsterdam nights sneaks up on you. They take many different forms and shapes, they can be brief, or go on until the break-a-break-a dawn. It can be a group of friends, or a crowd of strangers, or just you… there is no real formula, just as there is no real warning. They just sneak up on you, only to be realized when you fully wake the next day.

I thought last night would be a quiet evening at home, but instead the world reknown Anne somehow got me involved in a French flick with Pedro Abrunhosa, Absenthe, and remembering California. It turns out Absenthe was only legalized recently, so now we can all see purple dinosaurs on Saturday nights. Anne says there are no purple dinosaurs unless I go to intertoys, which I will.

So the peace prize will be awarded on Friday, and way back in 2002 I predicted Carter would get it. In 2003 I was under the influence of thesis, so I made no prediction. But this year I want to re-assert my authority in the blogosphere, on the net, and around the world as a Nobel-predicting-type-guy. My top five candidates are as follows along with my rationale:

  • Hamid Karzai – I know he’s a bastard and a puppet deep down, but I still think they’ll give him credit for not getting assassinated and dressing nice.
  • Bono – Yes. Bono. Again, I’m not a big fan. But the man can sing and has pushed influential people to ALMOST pay attention to the AIDS crisis in Africa.
  • Bill Clinton – Oh stop. I don’t want him to get it, but he gets credit for pushing for Israeli-Palestinian peace.
  • President Obesanjo of Nigeria – I can explain. I’ve noted that he has attended every negotiation of every military-coup in Africa, the past two years. S. Tomé e Principe, Central African Republic.. he was there. Despite killing his own people in the delta, he might get it.
  • My last one is tie… for their successful end of a horrid civil war, the government of Angola and UNITA. OR The BrazilianMINUSTAH Peace Keeping Force in Haiti. Both longshots.
  • My winner will be announced this week. The Bicyclemark prize: a pack of dried apple slices, which are always stocked in my cupboard.*

    *Winner must come to my place in order to claim prize. And then fight to the death, I love appleslices.

    Today’s Sounds: Ron and Fez comedy pyramid on WJFK Washington,DC

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    Somewhere on the net… you knew there had to be a blog called McBlog, altogether it doesn’t look that interesting. What is interesting is that I finally saw Supersize Me last night (remember I live in the cinema-third world called Europe where films arrive by row-boat)Allow me to reflect, if you will, on my cinema-going documentary-viewing experience:

    Though I don’t get to the cinema often, I feel this documentary is the best of the year. Surpassing F-911, and that’s not a knock against Michael Moore – I refuse to join that whole trend of Moore-baiting. I just felt it was clear, informative, entertaining, relatively empirical, and shit… who didn’t worry about his health as the month slowly went by. But there is one factor is this film that I feel deserves the utmost attention: The branding of children in schools; getting them while they’re young. If I ran a country, besides having the most unproductive and lazy economy ever, marketing to children would be considered a heinous crime.

    I can remember, as alot of you might, my high school experience in the mecca of suburbia= Union, NJ. I recall comparing schools and almost gloating that Union High had Burger King Food, a Shop Rite (supermarket), and a Bank (Union Center). For whatever reason, it seemed cool because we loved such brands. Now I shudder to think about the side-effects and implications. I can also remember visiting, I think, Brick High School (NJ) and everywhere I walked having a Coca-Cola advert in my face. When I think about all those struggling schools with financial and “test-result” troubles, it angers me to think how companies sneak in offering money or textbooks in exchange for some good clean product placement. Come to think of it, I also remember those bastards who provided grade-X food at the University Dining hall at WPU.(they’re in the film too)

    Apparently the director and star of the film has a similar concern, he wants to get the film shown at every school somehow. I hope teachers will make it a priority to not just show the film, but really discuss and examine the issue to better-equip our little future consumers.

    incidentally he – Morgan Spurlock – keeps an outstanding blog complete with RSS feed. Today I read about his experience in Finland – hilarious, my Finnish readers (hi guys!) might especially enjoy since it involves drinking, saunas, and nakedness.

    Next post I’ll be officially moved in, with all new graphics and colors, and ready to tear-into the RNC in NYC. It has begun, and now more than ever- I wish I was in NYC cause I’d walk all over their grass alongside a million people who think its insulting to have this convention in NYC. Here’s the Moblog from where I follow the action.(recall my past post about NYC as sacred ground)

    Oh yeah- I will also have to talk about the Olympic Medal Count as a reflection of global economics. Hmmmm.

    Today’s Music: Coheed and Cambria mix with Taking Back Sunday (since the show is tonight)

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    You Feel Sick?

    As soon as the reports came out, I decided it was my responsibility as a blogger, a slash-American, and a human on this earth, to analyze the Health and Poverty statistics from the US Census Bureau. For what we should always remember is that what happens in the US has effects the world-over.

    So lets take a net-trip together, shall we, to the lovely US Census Bureau. Come’on, it could be fun, besides, they’re celebrating “10 years on the web” which is just a year behind me. While we’re out, it could be wise to stop by the Kaiser Family Foundation which has nothing to do with World War 1, but instead, handles health statistics.

    Basically it breaks down like this:

    – 45 million people in the US are without health insurance, including yours truely (though I’m in exile) Thats 2 million more people from 2002 to 2003. So that’s 15% of the population. How insane is that? If I, an uninsured blogger, get eastern-feasle disease, I won’t go to hospital until I’m pretty much dead because I can’t afford it. And in the process of dying, I’m sure to cough and sneeze and spread the feasle spores to a couple of thousand people. You follow me here? OK let me stop the rumors right now, I don’t have such a virus… and I confess.. I made it up. But I had a point!

    More stats for thought:

    -8.4 million children had no insurance in 2003, and those are not short-term situations.

    -33% of all Black and Asian Americans are without insurance. Equality here we come!

    The rest I leave up to you to read and evaluate. Oh yeah and the worst state-with the highest amount of uninsured- Texas. Nevermind that they’re on the border, they should have had a proper plan, long ago, for those circumstances. This is not my attempt at a campaign message, both of the siamese American political parties have created this situation, along with a public that has been too quiet about it. If any time were ever good for getting mad, now would be good.

    If you want more busblog, in between great photo essays, takes a bite into poverty statistics as well. Then there’s buzzmachine’s buzzing.

    I’m interested in Dave Chapelle’s plan – “Fake Canadian ID’s for ALL AMERICANS.” There’s a candidate I’d vote for.

    Today’s Music: Michael Franti + Spearhead – Everyone Deserves Music (for all the good people demonstratin this week!)

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