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Some of you seen me all live and fully clothed on the internets this afternoon. I talked a mighty talk bout podcasting, and I tried my bestest not to offend too many out there, but you know – the mouth, its got a mind of its own.

Still I think it went well. The audienced seemed chill and the virtual audience was pretty active and I loved seeing many of you asking me questions. Specially Joggl in Germany and BlondeButBight currently in the UK! Actually there were other questions from other friends, so thank you to all of you. Tomorrow I’ll see if I cant get a link to the archived video up.

Today I met Dijereedoo Jim, if I may baptize him with that blogname. He’s an Australian living here, but to simplify his identity in a few blog setences couldn’t do him justice. Among other things, we had a long talk about the yuppification of cities, since he had lived in the Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam back in 99, and it was then becoming, and is now, very trendy. The order seems to go, industrial wasteland, working class housing, artists, people who think artists are cool to live near, and then yuppies. With each level double the rent, while you’re at it.
Anyway I digress, the man rocks.

Tomorrow, it’s Stockholm for me, and Ill be podcasting of course. Soundseeing tours, with limited editing cause I gotta say, Garageband is simply not as cool as Audition. But, apparently MAC has a much cooler program called Soundstudio or something, and I must get it! Underground channels, can you help a new MAC bother out?

Sidenote: After the presentation a pair of MAC guys sat down with me and pulled out there 17 inch and 15 inch…. LAPTOPS… it was hot. I was sweaty. Those are so gorgeous machines, my baby 12 is a hotty too, but when you see those other chicas…. yowzah.

Eventually this blog will talk politics again, just not right now. Still, somebody should keep an eye on Bush, Congress, and the plan to drill in the arctic. I hear theyre reviving it bigtime.

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Bad Japan

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Had a great first day as a podcast consultant for the magazine. Won’t say much more about it, cept that I thought alcohol flowed at the fishtank, at this place they drink in style- starting after lunch.

We got bigger fish to fry; today’s issue is the world. More specifically – I’m pissed off at the Japanese government. Few other nations, but Japan most of all, for this all-out effort to get a permanent seat in the UN security council.

Some of you may need a backgrounder. If you’re really against doing your own research, basically the UN-SC has five permanent seats held by the winning powers of WorldWar II. Recipe for disaster right from the beginning, a group of countries “win” a war and decide the world’s organization for peace and security should be run THEIR WAY. So the US, UK, France, Russia, and China are the only nations in the whole world that have permanent seats, as well as VETO power. 5 nations. Out of the entire world. Oh yeah there are 10 other rotating seats, whenever the music stops – isn’t that cute?

So I’m angry with Japan, and let me not forget Germany, because these two countries are licking all kinds of boots and trying oh so hard to create a new permanent seat for themselves. Japan and Germany, two nations that I normally look to for wisdom and experience, as they have been through it all historically, fighting to be a part of a flawed and unrepresentative body. Instead of demanding change or reform, instead of setting a global example, they just want a piece of the action. – LAME.

If this somehow doesn’t interest you, here’s a movie I think I helped develop, by that famous director xTx.

And if video doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe motorcycles do and you can listen to DucSloerie ride his Ducati somewhere near Amsterdam.

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AudioCommuniqu?#17; Podcast Dinner for 2

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This weekend’s show features a cozy dinner with Characochan visiting Amsterdam from California. It’s couscous night and we’re discussing Dutch cuisine, languages, and we do a question the answers segment. A thousand thank you’s to the following people for leaving me tips in the tip jar:

Marc the Mindcaster
Joerg in Germany
Foggy Recollection my bro
oooh and another just rolled in.

AudioCommuniqu? #17 (mp3)

25min 48sec, 64kbps, 12.1Mb


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Pizza from Iraq

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As if having hundreds of people around the world reading or listening to what you have to share wasn’t enough of an honor. Or the amazing new friends, be they bloggers or readers, that I’ve made. Nevermind the super-kind comments that are left everyday, by so many different people. You’d think that was already overwhelming.. but it has gone beyond that. The tips that have been left in the paypal tip jar couldn’t have come at a better time, to pay the internet publishing bills. The CD from xtx, the letters from my couz, and today… A package from Iraq! I’ll wait while you read that line again…

Chris Missick, a member of the 319th Signal Battalion, stationed in Iraq, send Bicyclemark, a member of the Amsterdam lazy-ex-pat community, a package. Talk about role reversal. As the postalworker handed me the package, I looked at the address and then looked up at him and smiled; “It’s from Iraq,” I said with excitement. “I know” he responded with a look of will you and your plague filled package please leave now. I sniffed the package, which is shaped like a pizza box, for its desert scent; a pizza from Iraq, I kept thinking to myself. The contents of my pizzabox: lots of new music, some music magazines, a copy of a military newspaper (cause Im interested in propaganda), and a still packaged kefeyah.. complete set that would make Yassir Arafat himself envious.

But this stirs up lots of odd feelings. Beyond gratitude. I know Chris because of his blog, a self-described war-blog. Now you may know, I’m a Pacifist with a capital P. I also have a deep distaste for patriotism, nationalism, and all the associated isms. (like Ferris said.. I don’t believe in isms, I prefer to believe in myself)While since my first reading of his blog I realized I don’t agree with most of his political views, especially in terms of Iraq, I did (and still do) admire his passion for writing and describing the world as he sees it. Oh, and we also discovered that we have identical taste in music. (Im so loving these cd’s)And so I ask myself… how ironic is this?

Some of these thoughts stem from my viewing of the first half of the STUperbowl last night. Me and BigJim, both jerseans in exile for the long haul, decided to take in some American football, at an expat pub with 1 million screens and 2 million drunks. But I think it was completely ruined for us the moment it began. It was like a giant military parade. Veterans marched on to the field — WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH FOOTBALL? F-16’s flew overhead. Ex-presidents walked onto the field, pretending to still be important. And then to further scare the shit out of me, they beam images of soldiers in Iraq watching the game. One camp ironically titled “camp victory”. Out of the entire pub crowd, a hand full of Americans stood up all solemn and started singing the national anthem and putting their hands over their hearts and giving the room dirty looks. I gotta be honest, this pacifist wanted to throw cups of beer at them like this was a Detroit Pistons game. Interestingly many in the room gave them blank stares or dirty looks right back. One even raised his arm in nazi salut style.

Extreme you think? I don’t really. Its the same formula in a different era maybe for a different goal. They still push a political agenda using patriotism, nationalism, songs, oaths, ceremonies, symbols, etc etc. And I felt especially angry because this is not the United States, and I had hoped this place would be kept free from that which I considered nonsense. I guess you could say I felt (dillusional as always) that my safe-place had been discovered, and these patriotic Americans were going to somehow hurt me.

Anyway, Chris I know you’re out there, and I do so thank you, and consider you a friend. In fact, it is (has always been) a friendship that reminds me people with differences can still learn from each other and get along.

Today’s Sounds: Pinback (my fav so far, thanks Chris!)