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bm96_060117: National Health at Risk in Europe?

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Some European governments are talking about reforming national health systems. They don’t use the word privatization, but the old national health systems are certainly the target of big changes. Is privatization near.. what’s going on with Healthcare in Europe? Mindcaster Marc here in Amsterdam and Martin G. in Stockholm discuss the cases of the Netherlands, Germany, and a little on Sweden as well.

AudioCommunique #96(mp3)
28min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+

In this program:

Lots of AudioClips of the REAL Patch Adams being interviewed on Chilean TV
Article on the Netherlands Health Reform in the British Medical Journal (2000)
Some Dutch Healthcare Market Review that I found useful (2004)

Media-opoly, from TV Funhouse
Lime in the Coconut – Harry Belafonte
Aguaviva – Poetas Andaluces… Read Full Text

bicyclemark92: What is (wrong with) journalism?

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While saying goodbye to 2005, I respond to a critique that what I do is not journalism. I also break down what podjournalism is about and why it exists as a response to a flawed tradition of designating newspaper reporters as credible.

AudioCommunique #92(mp3)
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Back in Amsterdam, constant explosions outside
Is what I do journalism – feedback from Germany
Journalism Defined
Radio Open Source on Participatory Journalism
Newspaper and journalistic bias
the myth of objectivity
Fred Friendly interviewed around 1989
Money, Markets, and Media, the terrible combination for the public good

Shows I wanted to mention briefly: Belgium FM, the Podreport

Thanks for a great 2005 to everyone who listens or reads, without you this wouldn’t mean much.… Read Full Text

Grey Memorial

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On this Sept. 11th I dawned the traditional I heart NY shirt, moped around the house, and spoke to a dear friend about how I remember events unfolding from across the river that day. And instead of trying to write profound thoughts to go with the sad memories, I give you last year’s post:


To some extent, it is great not to be in the US on Sept. 11th.… Read Full Text

No Relief

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You might think this is a repeat of my report about the raging fires in Portugal, earlier this month, but it’s not. The situation has actually gotten worse, if that could be possible. Some 400 incidents reported over the weekend, the country is in terrible shape.

For some reason, only now has the country appealed to the European Union under some civil defence clause, that allows them to receive help for combatting the fires that are completely out of control across the nation.… Read Full Text