Old People Make XMAS

by bicyclemark

Here I sit at my cousins computer… the air is filled with the smell of fried dough, fish soup, sweet rice, port wine, and well.. who knows what else.

At the table tonight, which I just got up from, picture a long table with about 10 people, almost all of which are above the age of 78. In my grandparents case, way above 80. And, as usual, how the stories flow. We reunited 2 brothers and a sister, not to mention a brother-in-law and some old friends. It is, historically speaking, an amazing occurance.. like a solar eclipse, only you can actually stare and enjoy. Ive taken lots of photos and video, not so much to share with the internet, but to share with my children and my childrens children.

And the night is only half over… soon its time to brave the treacherous roads of portugal.. and head to the next dinner party.. which will involve presents and desserts Im guessing.

Happy Festivus.


Family History, Word of Mouth

by bicyclemark

Spent the day with grandma and grandpa, which means I have tons to say, and even more to reflect on when it comes to life, work, love, and family.

On the surface my grandparents may seem to have the typical 80+ snydrome where you talk alot about aches and pains and how everything sucks. But once you finish lunch, put away the dishes, and gather around the fireplace with them, that is when the magic happens.


Sometimes, I admit, I set it off on purpose. I’ll ask a leading question, maybe because Ive got my camera ready to record the magical response… I’ll ask: So how old where you when you started working grandma? And she won’t give me a second look… no hesitation… she breaks right into “Oh.. me… 9 years old. I was nine years old and my father made me guide the cows because the cows never knew where they were going and it was during the olive harvest and …” She goes on and on for hours. And you know what? I don’t mind one bit.

Maybe I’ve even heard half the stories already.. but I don’t care. I want to hear them again. I want to burn them into my head. I sometimes catch myself daydreaming while grandpa talks.. picturing how I will tell my children about their great grandparents. I’ll tell them the stories about the wine harvest and the great-great grandfather who was the town poet… it will all be told as if I was there. Because I will adopt these stories as mine.. because when it comes down to it.. they are.

To Get My Groove Back

by bicyclemark

I’ve been a blogger for over 5 years. So you figure lots of things happen to me, my life, my general mood, and the obstacles I face, that don’t always come accross in text. (maybe audio.. and probably video!)

Despite the fact that I tell stories and give my personal opinions. I don’t always write “Im sad” and that sort of thing, both, because I don’t think it is important, and because I think there are bigger fish for me to fry on this site. (thats actually the same reason, i love how i can write in circles) But here’s a rare revelation… I’ve been on a down cycle lately.

That’s a wishy washy way to say I lost my inspiration.. my will to fight and write and plan and plot and whatever it is that I do as a fledgling personal media un-pire. There was sickness. There was aging. There was job loss. And somewhere in there all manner of emotional bad stuff. All of which made me question every single act of my daily life and my lofty goals.


I can tell you this now because I’m starting to return to what I think is.. good form. It will be a long road.. but step one begins Thursday:

In order to get my groove back, I will return (for a visit) to my roots.. my ancestry.. my other country and a large chunk of my family and friends: Portugal. Most importantly I will spend days with 2 people who together made an enormous difference and influence on my life and personality.. my grandparents.

You may have seen the videos in the past. I’ve been working on a modest audio and video archive of them and their stories.. to keep for future generations and for my own personal enjoyment. And yes… to share, sometimes, with the internets. So stay tuned, thursday I make that oh-so-familiar trip to Lisbon, and for two important weeks, I’ll be travelling on that road… towards getting my groove back. (no matter how corny and cliché it sounds).

bmtv24 My Nephew Has Rhythm

by bicyclemark

Time to start going through the archives and putting together vlogs from the past few months. This one is for all the A-Ren fans… brace yourself.. he’s got a guitar and he’s not afraid to use it.