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Sleepy Low Budget Return

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Just because a plane flies to and from it, and you have a metal detector.. does not mean it is an airport.

Or maybe it does.

Either way Treviso “airport”, also known as a hotdog stand, had me laughing all the way to the gate.. err.. back door number 1.

I’ll spare you the details and instead provide you with a photo.. which may no longer be worth the 1,000 words like they used to be, but at least it is worth a post.… Read Full Text

Slovenia.. not Slovakia..

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Greetings from Ljubjana.. presumably beautiful capital of Slovenia. I wouldnt know because I arrived at night and went directly to the neverending line of buses at the bus stop. But now it is morning.. and as soon as I check out of this rediculous half-assed hostel, I shall really have a look around and enjoy what it has to offer.

Verona.. another picture
(photo is a leftover from Verona)

Here’s text I wrote last night:

I could stay on this train forever.

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Cluster Crimes Against Humanity

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21 people have died and over 100 have been injured as a result of cluster bombs left over from the Israeli invasion and bombing of Lebanon over the summer. I was just reading yet another report about it. DemocracyNow had also mentioned last week that Hezbollah had used cluster ammunition. We know that the US has used cluster bombs at various times during their invasion of Iraq. I was also recently informed that the Dutch military owns cluster bombs for an unknown purpose.… Read Full Text

bm159 Hungarian Political Lies

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You may have seen images of angry citizens clashing with police on the streets of Budapest recently.… Read Full Text