bm206 Debt Relief Lies and the G8

They call it debt relief, but it is not as simple as it sounds. As the elite club of G8 nations meets and the people protest outside, more plans are being laid out to squeeze developing nations in ways that are rarely reported about in the mainstream. My guest on this podcast is Ceri Dingle of Worldwrite, an education charity that challenges stereotypes and lies on issues like debt relief.

We talk about:
– What Worldwrite does
– How it views the G8
– Debt relief and what happens to countries that “get it”
– Live 8, Bono, and the real result of such campaigns
– Difference between development aid from western countries and China
– The prospect of new and worse conditions for debt relief
– The Film: Damned by Debt Relief
– A Debt Relief Quiz to see if you can spot the truth
– What should be done with the G8 summit

Also my recommendation, watch G8-TV for video directly from the streets


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Ex Yugoslavia

Standing at the nightclub this evening, my eyes are scanning the crowd. going from face to face.. I keep asking myself.. do I see any differences.. between these kids and the kids in amsterdam.. or the kids in lisbon.. or the kids in new jersey?

Most would say there is no difference. They dress the same. They drink the same. They party the same. (?)

But I always see one difference. History. The history, not so much of these children per se, but that of their families. My mind starts wondering all sorts of crazy questions… how many of their parents were in the military… fighting in the war against Yugoslavia/Serbia, a bit more than a decade ago. How many have gandparents who can tell stories of Yugoslavia under Tito, or world war II when the Germans invaded. Each of these kids has a family history that would probably blow my mind. Yet here I am, having a drink side by side with them, and they seem less obsessed with the turns of history than I am.

I think it is truely interesting to be living in an ex-anything. Ex- GDR in Germany, ex-Soviet Union in Estonia, ex-Indochina in Vietnam, and yes.. Ex-Yugoslavia in Croatia. I guess every place on earth can claim to be an ex-something.. but being at a recently turned EX, I somehow see it in every piece of sidewalk or trainstation. A combination of an over active imagination and a quest to know as much history as possible, crammed into a few late night reading sessions and conversations with kind locals.

Apples. I think it starts with a J in Croatian.

Eventually the boom-boom-boom of what seems like the same DJ Ive seen all my life broke me out of my deep thoughts. Time to move on, brave the below zero temperatures, and head back to this warm hotel.

Day 2…. done.

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bm174 Westinghouse and Nuclear Media

Loads of internet connection problems out here on the street. This podcast focuses on the Westinghouse Corporation.. who have played and continue to play, a huge role in US media and nuclear energy world wide. After their recent deal with China, I decided to take a closer look at their record and talk about the dangers of the deals.

Read the article.
Westinghouse on Wikipedia
Multinational Monitor, old article

No time for many links.. battery running out.

oh one last night.. its now my THIRD YEAR as a podcaster… not sure when this month.. but my 2nd anniversary just passed. Id like to thank my producer and my family and gawd…. oh wait no.. I just wanted to thank all of you.. bla bla bla shmaniversary.. thanks for listening!

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bm164 Ishiharas Tokyo

He has been the governor of Tokyo since 1999, and successfully made many enemies with his opinions and policies. Shintaro Ishihara takes a lead role in his city, changing politics, society, and culture… but it may not be in the direction you expect. In another edition of the global series on mayors, Arudou Debito joins me to help explain the person and the policies behind Ishihara.

Correction from Debito, in case anyone is fact checking: I said the Takeshima/Tokdo islands were between China and Korea. They are in fact between Japan and Korea.

Shintaro Ishihara on Wikipedia

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