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bmtv12 Berlin Flashback

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It’s Friday and Madge Weinstein the purple Lumox is here all weekend. So my post is a vlog I put together from unused Berlin footage. Nothing too ground breaking, but this was my most favorite day from my Berlin trip. I’m working on getting back there later this month in time for Christopher Street Day which I believe is the Gay Pride festival of the city.… Read Full Text

bmtv11 Berlin Intellectual Football Viewing

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While in Berlin, Tim invited me to see Germany play…. from a former bath house in a very cool area. It was a very unique and truely Berlin experience.

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Berlin Really Is Addicting

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I know some of you are waiting for me to talk about CocaCola and denounce them for their human rights violations in various countries, not to mention their questionable economic practices. But to be quite honest, I´m too busy enjoying the city and learning all I can from the good people I know here. Do me a favor and don´t load up the comments with links because at that point you should just blog it, plus, there is a means to an ends my white friend… a means to an ends.… Read Full Text

Got Any Flags

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I have indeed arrived safe and sound though constantly hungry… here in Berlin. (watch this video for proof) The famous Tim is sitting to my right and most of the blog house has gone to sleep. I’ve no clue where I’m sleeping, so I’ll wait for everyone else to go to bed. Cept that some people are drinking like it’s 1999 and some teenagers just showed up at the door… so who knows when that will be.… Read Full Text