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bm211 A Report on Cameroon

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When the international community hears from Cameroon it is most commonly related to soccer or music.… Read Full Text

On the Western Side of Africa

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Highly recommended reading from two of my favorite people reporting from the continent of Africa.

First: My friend Pauline, one of my favorite journalists in the world, has been reporting from Sierra Leone. From the poverty of Freetown to how people view the Special UN court, she communicates some amazing experiences from a place that never gets big media attention. I could recommend a post, but the truth is you should read all her work, especially the recent stuff.… Read Full Text

bm198 Zimbabwe Students Movement

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Like much of the population in Zimbabwe, students are suffering a great deal at the hands of the government.… Read Full Text

Change From Within

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This evening, through a series of coincidences and a thoughtful friend, I stumbled upon what is known as “Lloyd Time” at the always bustling Lloyd Hotel, here in Amsterdam. Although the name reminds me of the NYC cops that long ago declared it Giuliani time as they violated a man with a plunger, Lloyd Time is ACTUALLY a weekly night of art, culture, and education, at the hotel restaurant. With invited speakers and a pretty decent audience.… Read Full Text