MBA Bamboozle

There are likely to be a few people reading this who have an MBA (Master of Business Administration). Over the last 10 to 20 years MBA programs have seen a huge spike in demand as well as universities offering such a program.  This is very true here in Europe, where it seems every country has a few MBA programs aimed at international or domestic students.

Popularity may be one thing, but this says nothing of why an MBA has become so sought after and so frequently offered.  Beyond that, what about the quality of the education MBA’s get and how do they perform as a result of this instruction.

ABC Radio National’s Background Briefing had a great program over the weekend focusing on the global impact of the MBA and how it rose to its current importance. It pays special attention to the role of MBA’s in the current global financial crisis.

Among the points I found especially poignant: the emergence of the MBA in the 70’s and 80’s, as being a manager was only beginning to be seen as a career. Prior to that, managers were those who had worked various positions and worked their way up with a company eventually getting the managerial post.  They also get into the creation of an elite based on what MBA program you graduate from, schools like Harvard which pride themselves in allegedly preparing people not only to manage companies, but to manage basically anything, including a government.

Recommended listening, whether you’ve got an MBA or not.

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Complicated Cairo

I often listen to stories of other people’s visits to Cairo, Egypt.  A place famous for so many things, what always strikes me about how people describe Cairo, is the huge clash between traditional and modern, or what some would call, East and West. Naturally I’d like to learn more and go see it for myself one day soon.  But until then, the world of podcasting and radio provides me with lots of second hand experiences I can live through.

The latest comes from Australia’s ABC radio national, the program background briefing, which last week put out a show about Cairo and the modern versus the old fashioned and all the problems it has brought the city.  Highly recommended listening, I felt the journalist did a great job. Moreover I listen to this show and I think to myself, I’d like to be funded and be able to do similar; bringing my audience with me as I explore and look into the changes a place is undergoing.  Perhaps with my upcoming trip to Istanbul, I can do a little bit of this.

Bonus, follow the link to the Background Briefing post, they included great photos and video. Again, I’d love to do similar.

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