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If the internet is to have any type of real future beyond just a giant stream of ads and spam, we’re going to need to support the content and content creators we want to see continue. My passion and my life’s work is right here in front of you, and it makes me happy to know you make use of it, find it even a little bit interesting, and read these very words. Help keep it going:

First is Paypal. Click to donate.


Many people don’t like or want to use paypal, there are a long list of reasons to justify this and I understand completely.  Flattr is less about money and more about you choosing what content you like on the internet. Morever, you can choose to either just click and support once, or subscribe for 3,6, or 12 months. Still confused? Here’s an explanation.


Lastly you can help support my work by sending your donation via bank transfer (Dutch bank account)

M.F. Rendeiro
International IBAN:  NL56 SNSB 0708 0604 47
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