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Meet the Neighbors #3

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And now back to the irregular series, here on the communique, where I focus on two particular bloggers on my roll and explain why I read them. And today’s victims are none other then Big Monkey Helpy Chalk, and world famous Bitch Phd.

Ladies first, so let me tell you about Bitch Phd and her blog. Many of you are anonymous bloggers, because you know how tricky the trade-off can be between writing honestly and offending or betraying offline friends.… Read Full Text

Working Culture

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I never had much of a full time job in the states. It was more like lots of little ones that kept me running in a million directions at all time. In Portugal I was a full time slob and working with some fantastic people for a very evil corporation. And at the fishtank its a whole different story …. and even though you’re not supposed to talk about work, I gotta say the place where I work is like a family.… Read Full Text