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Deep Throat This

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One of the most important whistle blowers in history also happens to have a great porn name. Go figure.

D-rock and other commentors here at the communique requested that I speak about mr throat and the fact that he came forward after what — 35 years of silence.

So as a journalist at heart and by training, I’m a big Woodward and Bernstein fan (also potential porn names). And I have especially admired them for taking an oath of silence in a day and age where you could probably be called a terrorist and get the death sentence for keeping a secret like that.… Read Full Text


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Well.. the results are in… the Dutch said a big NO. Nee to the constitution.

A few days ago I expressed my support for the yes’s, but after having listened to different testimony on public radio, and discussing it with everyone througout the day, maybe NO has its virtues. Cause maybe the EU and the principles it solidifies an excessively corporatist government. Maybe this really is too much for europe.… Read Full Text

This Ones Personal

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Before I write another sentence, this is a disclaimer; while there may be no REAL rules on the communique, I have one demand on all of ye beautiful people who will comment, don’t give me pity on this one. Don’t give me compliments, cause then you’re just feeding the virtual ego, and even though its what I might subconsciously want, it’s not my original purpose for writing this one.

This is about the heart.… Read Full Text