Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Did you feel your freedom threatened today? Did you reach for that ducktape you finally packed away last year? Did you flip on the worthless CNN/FOX/MTVnews to try and hear the reports? Did you call your family members just to tell them: “Did you hear, a plane flew into the White House Airspace.” Sniff Sniff…. […]

Urban Quagmire

So during my workday I get to bike around town a bit, for lunch or for meetings with key people. Once again, the beauty of life in Amsterdam. HOWEVER, as I was biking back from an appointment today, ahead of me I noticed what looked like a father hitting his child. It was violent, and […]

Frisbee Love

I try to keep my daily what I had for breakfast, how I biked to work, and how I smell off of this here blog. Sometimes I get emails from friends saying “I read the blog, but how are you really.” Normally these kind souls care alot… so much so.. they want to know about […]