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Frisbee Girl and Me

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Eventually I’m going to run into trouble when Frisbee Girl discovers the blog and then presses charges against me. But until that time, I like tellin’ you guys about my on-field crush. And maybe when I do get busted, you guys could be my character witnesses and probably explain blogging to her and that I didn’t mean this in a creepy way. Second thought, you guys might have to explain that to a Dutch judge.… Read Full Text

Remember Expectations

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I don’t read many books. I blame the internet. I read hours and hours of blog posts every week. I read newspapers, work emails, and graffiti.. but rarely a book.

Still, in my younger years I would read books. And if there’s one book that for some inexplicable reason I loved as a kid, it was Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. Maybe I like it because its the story of a boy who is tortured by the women he loves and I’m a masochist so I like that kind of stuff.… Read Full Text