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Laura Bush strikes me as a psychopath. Or a sociopath. One of those words for people who are secretly crazy and probably cut themselves in private. I’m not making fun of her for that, I actually hope she gets help for that problem. But listening to her speak (by mistake on television) in Israel, you can hear that she has no clue what is happenning in the world and she’s just on the borderline of snapping and killing everyone. – I’m scared.

My podcast feast isn’t finished. So for tonight I leave you with Sushi that I made.

Chef is Back

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Well it’s hard to blog tonight friends. I blame the parties… the goodbye shindigs, housewarming soirees… tis the season in Amsterdam. In a city of transients, people always seem to be in transit. Wait, maybe transient isn’t the word.

Still tonight was a classic, as Toronto’s Finest Chef-in-exile is officially back and warming a new house. And it’s one of them classic 1700’s Amsterdam shop-houses, with stain glass windows facing the street. The man is a culinary genious and a social scholar to boot. I especially enjoyed his home-made-mango ice cream. As we soaked in the typical Amsterdam party ingredients and got into this big conversation about the lack of female-comedic actresses since the eighties.

Somebody said Whoopy Goldberg but she’s not that funny. Someone else said Sandra Bullock but she’s not funny either. Strange isn’t it?… you can rattle off a long list of male comedic actors… but few-to-none females. All this because I said Star Wars didn’t go into enough detail about the women jedi’s… they have been totally under-represented. And that doesn’t seem very jedi to ignore the ladies.

In the end, the great conclusion of the unsober evening, was that Canada has made the greatest cultural contributions the world has ever known. Plus they did give us Rush.

For more on Canadians and Star Wars, visit your local library. Or read this celebrity Accordianist.

Movie With a Message

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You know you live in an odd world when a film can be produced which has a message that reminds people of the corruption and manilupation that their government(s) are capable of in the name of defending “democracy and freedom.” It is/will become one of the most seen and beloved films in the history of films, yet nothing will change within those countries. The people will go nuts for the characters, the special effects, every little detail except one enormous one — the message, the warning. I’m sitting here thinking about it and it’s just so ironic.

Obviously I saw the annoyingly over-talked about film of the year. Proudly, thanks to my friends round the world with whom I share files, I downloaded that shit. Plus I don’t want the producers to get one dime from me.

I just can’t get over it. The message is right there. and everyone’s watching the film…. and somehow NOTHING will change. Life truely doesn’t imitate art.

My favorite spin on this thing comes from this nerd at heart.