Frisbee Love

I try to keep my daily what I had for breakfast, how I biked to work, and how I smell off of this here blog. Sometimes I get emails from friends saying “I read the blog, but how are you really.” Normally these kind souls care alot… so much so.. they want to know about […]

Lame Duck Democracy

For those who somehow didn’t notice, and maybe I can’t blame you since it was so uneventful, the UK had parliamentary elections a few days ago. I’ll not keep you in suspense… labour won. Again. And again. I mean they got less votes, but when you live in a one-party country you can still win […]

Field of Memories

Its been over 2 years, but I still go back there. The rims are actually in worse shape then they were back then, as if that were possible. Neighbors still walk through on their way home from work or the supermarket. You still have to be careful that the ball doesn’t roll into the street, […]