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Olympics Are Evil

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There are much more important things to talk about in the world. There are much more important things for a government to spend its resources. But all these stories about the Olympic Bids of London, Paris, NYC, Moscow, Madrid and pretty much any city in the world that can put up a banner and wave some flags, are really getting to me.

If you haven’t been following the story, my compliments to you — you’re much better off.… Read Full Text

Frisbee Girl and Me

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Eventually I’m going to run into trouble when Frisbee Girl discovers the blog and then presses charges against me. But until that time, I like tellin’ you guys about my on-field crush. And maybe when I do get busted, you guys could be my character witnesses and probably explain blogging to her and that I didn’t mean this in a creepy way. Second thought, you guys might have to explain that to a Dutch judge.… Read Full Text