Deep Throat This

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One of the most important whistle blowers in history also happens to have a great porn name. Go figure.

D-rock and other commentors here at the communique requested that I speak about mr throat and the fact that he came forward after what — 35 years of silence.

So as a journalist at heart and by training, I’m a big Woodward and Bernstein fan (also potential porn names). And I have especially admired them for taking an oath of silence in a day and age where you could probably be called a terrorist and get the death sentence for keeping a secret like that. But I have to say, with this announcement, my first reaction was “VANITY FAIR? Who makes an earth shattering announcement in VANITY FAIR?”

I guess we all make mistakes. But it’s cool that he comes forward. It’s good to be recognized before you own death, cause afterwards, well – I just don’t believe it’s as rewarding. At the same time, as the number 2 man for J. Edgar Hoover, who was convinced that everyone and their mother was a terrorist-communist-pig, I think mr deep is guilty of some bad crimes in the name of fighting communists. Randomly arresting and searching people, that sort of thing.

So in summary, Blow the Whistle on Political Fraud= good. Work as the right hand man for a insane leader of a secret police force=bad. add 35 years, well, it just isn’t very exciting.

I want to podcast dammit. But its late, and Im a working slob, so… tomorrow friends. But I did discover the wonderful OVERNIGHTSCAPE which comes to you from the graden state.


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Well.. the results are in… the Dutch said a big NO. Nee to the constitution.

A few days ago I expressed my support for the yes’s, but after having listened to different testimony on public radio, and discussing it with everyone througout the day, maybe NO has its virtues. Cause maybe the EU and the principles it solidifies an excessively corporatist government. Maybe this really is too much for europe. Maybe the No’s are right, and they just saved the continent from a terrible occurance.

See that… I just did a blog 180.

This Ones Personal

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Before I write another sentence, this is a disclaimer; while there may be no REAL rules on the communique, I have one demand on all of ye beautiful people who will comment, don’t give me pity on this one. Don’t give me compliments, cause then you’re just feeding the virtual ego, and even though its what I might subconsciously want, it’s not my original purpose for writing this one.

This is about the heart. The bicyclemark heart, cause like everybody, I gots’ one. And its late spring in the Netherlands, and everywhere you look, you see the lovers. Lots of you, as blog readers and writers, are keen observers like myself, and you’ve seen them. Some of you probably look and go, AHA, I have that at home. OR, some of you do like me, and you stare without them noticing, cause you want to soak it in. And when you’re soaking it in you’re not being psycho, you’re doing it for a number of reasons, like: admiration, jealously, voyeurism, vicarious living, hate, lonliness, wonder, and yes.. maybe even hope. All those may not be rational, but when I see the lovers on the street corner or on the park bench, or one riding on the back of his/her partner’s bike, I can have any of these.

See cause til this point, I’m a lifer. 25 years young, well travelled, schooled, even worked a bit, but I don’t know much about the realm of love. Maybe you can know alot just by watching, if that’s the case, then I’m probably a sage. But if you ask me, deep down, I just feel like the I’m in one of those movies where a ghost comes back to earth and just kind of watches and occasionally talks to people to help them through some issue.

Yeah, you hearing it correctly, I’m getting wierd on you. But its a thought and a feeling that deserves some airing, even on the internet. I don’t know if I’m just impatient, confused, or just dumb, but things don’t feel right internally, I can tell you that.

Bam, thats it… now to forget all about that crap, lets talk about the midnight mailman’s telethon!