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Need to Step Out

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I’m feeling that cabin fever. While the ‘dam is a wonderful place, and I still walk down the canals everyday loving the sounds and smells – I haven’t left town in ages. Beyond that I’m in a mental rut, and I just thought I’d share that with you instead of trying to hide behind some political rant. I’ve got plenty of political rants, of course, but there’s definitely something deeper that isn’t sitting right for me.… Read Full Text

AudioComm #46 – Fly me to Senegal

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AudioCommunique #46(mp3)

23min+, 64kbps, 11Mb+

1 #46 – Fly me to Senegal
2 Update on the squat.
3 Airbus, I was watching a cool documentary about the A-380
3.1 Largely underreported landmark,
3.2 What it SHOULD mean, even though it doesnt.
3.3 Benchmarks, 747, Concord… very few since then. I look at planes and I think — what an old idea.
3.4 A criticism of capitalism, we only invest if its “profitable” so instead of advancing after, say, going to the moon, we instead focus on missiles and corperate tax breaks and stupid shit.… Read Full Text

Wrong Place Wrong Time

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There was a time when I was always in the middle of it. The demonstrations, the political discussions, the cool mob-related scandles… THOSE were the days. I even had my Israeli manufactured gas-mask shipped to me in Europe, to be prepared for all those protests and other rebellious events, I would be attending over here.

But four years on – nothing. During an EU summit in seville, I missed the activist bus, which was turned away at the border with spain anyway.… Read Full Text

Frisbee Photo Essay

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Before I show you the glossy goodness that was wednesday ultimate frisbee practice, I must say happy blog birthday to two of my favorite all time bloggers and real life friends: BlondeButBright (who turns one) and the Lilia of Mathemagenic (turning three). Best wishes to two of the finest minds on the internets.

Now to put aside the horrendous state of the world and shameful corruption among world leaders, I present to you, a lazy 4-part photo essay of todays practice:

These are the experienced players, once a week they school me.… Read Full Text