Remember Expectations

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I don’t read many books. I blame the internet. I read hours and hours of blog posts every week. I read newspapers, work emails, and graffiti.. but rarely a book.

Still, in my younger years I would read books. And if there’s one book that for some inexplicable reason I loved as a kid, it was Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. Maybe I like it because its the story of a boy who is tortured by the women he loves and I’m a masochist so I like that kind of stuff. It’s a very dark story, and maybe I like that sort of thing as well.

So tonight, after playing a show with my darling A in Haarlem, I had the movie version of Great Expectations waiting for me. (thanks to the magic of Bittorent) You may have seen this 90’s production with Ethan Hawke and Gweneth Paltrow. And if you did, you probably remember it as a crap movie, and you’re probably right. But as I watched, my love for the story came back, and I found myself feeling the anger of the main character, feeling the brokenheartedness. I bet the movie probably wasn’t that good, but I was too busy remembering the REAL story and thinking back to when I first read it and how great it was.

Deep Throat This

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One of the most important whistle blowers in history also happens to have a great porn name. Go figure.

D-rock and other commentors here at the communique requested that I speak about mr throat and the fact that he came forward after what — 35 years of silence.

So as a journalist at heart and by training, I’m a big Woodward and Bernstein fan (also potential porn names). And I have especially admired them for taking an oath of silence in a day and age where you could probably be called a terrorist and get the death sentence for keeping a secret like that. But I have to say, with this announcement, my first reaction was “VANITY FAIR? Who makes an earth shattering announcement in VANITY FAIR?”

I guess we all make mistakes. But it’s cool that he comes forward. It’s good to be recognized before you own death, cause afterwards, well – I just don’t believe it’s as rewarding. At the same time, as the number 2 man for J. Edgar Hoover, who was convinced that everyone and their mother was a terrorist-communist-pig, I think mr deep is guilty of some bad crimes in the name of fighting communists. Randomly arresting and searching people, that sort of thing.

So in summary, Blow the Whistle on Political Fraud= good. Work as the right hand man for a insane leader of a secret police force=bad. add 35 years, well, it just isn’t very exciting.

I want to podcast dammit. But its late, and Im a working slob, so… tomorrow friends. But I did discover the wonderful OVERNIGHTSCAPE which comes to you from the graden state.