Broke the internet

Much of the internet has been broken today. Funny how that can happen. Servers overloaded. Websites down. Feeds getting pounded. Hooray for chaos.

As you can tell, I’m one of those old time Anarcho-Syndicists. I’m lazy so I won’t check on the spelling, but they’re the working class people who fought Franco and his fascist army in the Spanish civil war. Thats right… I dream of having been a part of the Lincoln brigade. Me and Hemmingway, and those others guys. Cept I would have tried not to shoot any guns. I’d be in charge of printing the anarcho-syndicist newsletter. Everyday we’d have a political cartoon where Franco would look like an insane moron. Our people would look forward to that cartoon. Specially since many of them can’t read anyway, but don’t remind me about that, cause I feel all-proud for writing my newsletter. And aye those revolutionary nights in Barceloca.

Like I said, the internet is broken today. Much like Nixon’s tape recorder, even dead, the man’s as fun as 2-pac. And it’s good to know Canada isn’t insane, and people who love each other can go get married there.
Meet my new friend and her Cul-de-sac on the information super highway.

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AudioComm #47 – Time to Fight

AudioCommunique #47(mp3)
27min+, 64kbps, 12.5Mb+

This podcast is a call to audio-arms! Seize the air… stop worrying about being —-safe. I take a bite out of apple, like a flea on a fat dog, with lots of my own half-assed mixes. Audio in this one includes stuff from Yeast2 and the Overnightscape, neither with permission, but with plenty of respect for those two great podcasts. I also found the time to insult the geriatric supreme court and the cowardly recording industry. Other excerpts include the great Howard Zinn, Robert McChesney, and the war criminal Donald Rumsfeld.

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Fingerprint Frisbee Girl

Today was the Amsterdam City League finals. So you’ll have to tolerate more gratuitous frisbee-lingo as well as the occasional pining over a frisbee girl. But don’t worry, there’s a deeper message in this one for those who seek something more than the mundane goings on aux Pays-Bas.

If you’re curious, my team: Blue Steel, took the third place match by spanking the red guys. Allow me to pat myself on the back for two reasons: one – after only a couple of months playing, I scored a few, setup a few, and did some heart-breaking defensive plays. Dam I love this sport. and two – after the match there is always a game of some sort, and without going into detail, I am now the champion of the smack the butt game. Somewhere, my mom is beaming with pride.

But lets get to a more pressing issue. As Big Jim did the traditional heckling of the final match, frisbee girl was telling me about how she has never eaten a bagel, and has little desire to EVER visit the US, because she finds the practice of photographing and fingerprinting visitors – humiliating. Which to any rational human being – it is . But after awarding her the first ever bagel of her life, i starting thinking about what a loss the US is taking. Tourists, students, maybe even businesses, and worst of all – frisbee girl- choosing not to go there. Who don’t want to be treated like a criminal, so don’t bring their knowledge and contribution to the country. You can imagine the brain drain the US will face for years to come, much to the benefit of Canada- probably.

For homework tonight read the Radiohumper, carefully.

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Need to Step Out

I’m feeling that cabin fever. While the ‘dam is a wonderful place, and I still walk down the canals everyday loving the sounds and smells – I haven’t left town in ages. Beyond that I’m in a mental rut, and I just thought I’d share that with you instead of trying to hide behind some political rant. I’ve got plenty of political rants, of course, but there’s definitely something deeper that isn’t sitting right for me.

Maybe it was the fact that yesterday was my brother, bigdaddyj’s, birthday. Being across the ocean from him, it definitely gets to me that time is passing and my life is elsewhere.

But maybe it’s more than that. – You know how priests say they have a calling? Like whatever higher being called them to do this bizarre task involving a white collar and serving red wine to the masses. I have one of these feelings as well. NOOOO, not to serve a god, but to do SOMETHING GREAT… but which I still can’t identify. You follow me? I feel like im equipped mentally and emotionally to do some very important things, but I can’t see what they are yet. Or if I can identify them – for example: to be a independent podcast journalist in the tradition of Seymour Hersh, Robert Fisk, and the legendaryJack Newfield. Even if I know that’s what I wish to do, the path hasn’t materialized – and it’s frustrating, to say the least.

For the time being I soak up the wisdom, from you the readers, from blogger-podcast friends like the mindcaster, who offerred me the reminder this sunny afternoon at Nieuwmarkt, to take a few risks, make a few demands, and not be so easy going in relation to things going on around me. I’m thinking thats true professionally as well as personally. Thanks bro.

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