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Broke the internet

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Much of the internet has been broken today. Funny how that can happen. Servers overloaded. Websites down. Feeds getting pounded. Hooray for chaos.

As you can tell, I’m one of those old time Anarcho-Syndicists. I’m lazy so I won’t check on the spelling, but they’re the working class people who fought Franco and his fascist army in the Spanish civil war. Thats right… I dream of having been a part of the Lincoln brigade.… Read Full Text

AudioComm #47 – Time to Fight

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AudioCommunique #47(mp3)
27min+, 64kbps, 12.5Mb+

This podcast is a call to audio-arms! Seize the air… stop worrying about being —-safe. I take a bite out of apple, like a flea on a fat dog, with lots of my own half-assed mixes. Audio in this one includes stuff from Yeast2 and the Overnightscape, neither with permission, but with plenty of respect for those two great podcasts. I also found the time to insult the geriatric supreme court and the cowardly recording industry.… Read Full Text

Fingerprint Frisbee Girl

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Today was the Amsterdam City League finals. So you’ll have to tolerate more gratuitous frisbee-lingo as well as the occasional pining over a frisbee girl. But don’t worry, there’s a deeper message in this one for those who seek something more than the mundane goings on aux Pays-Bas.

If you’re curious, my team: Blue Steel, took the third place match by spanking the red guys. Allow me to pat myself on the back for two reasons: one – after only a couple of months playing, I scored a few, setup a few, and did some heart-breaking defensive plays.… Read Full Text

Need to Step Out

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I’m feeling that cabin fever. While the ‘dam is a wonderful place, and I still walk down the canals everyday loving the sounds and smells – I haven’t left town in ages. Beyond that I’m in a mental rut, and I just thought I’d share that with you instead of trying to hide behind some political rant. I’ve got plenty of political rants, of course, but there’s definitely something deeper that isn’t sitting right for me.… Read Full Text