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Sometimes people discover things or make good points by accident. Like the guy who invented post-it notes (i think). This is almost how I feel about the w-bush criticism of the kyoto protocol. When he says it’s not good enough, though he’s reasons are those of a spoiled child, he circles around a point that I actually agree with. Thats right.. the sky is falling, I almost agree with the moron-in-chief.… Read Full Text

750th Bday

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Kaliningrad Celebratin750 is a hell of an anniversary. Thats my thought for today.
I’ve not been to Kaliningrad – yet. But I will, this I promise. I’ll find an affordable ride across Germany, then Poland, and poof, I’ll be in this tiny Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea. And it will be lovely. I’ll take photos for you guys, cause I’d never travel without you.

For now, it’s best to go forth and study how the germans and the prussians were all involved in this wacky place.… Read Full Text


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Minority Reports: Society’s fetish with categories, and breaking news from sweden.

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    Live8 – Are these concerts really making a difference at all?
    Categories, the world’s obession
    Looking at all these developments, new directories, categories, everyone must fit into a box.
    Im listed under Dutch and Travel. Does that really define me?
    This is why on my weblog, I mess with categories.
    When I talk about forms in the US, with the race category, people in the NL get really curious, because its so strange for them.
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