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Puerto Rican Style

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I grew up in New Jersey, and I was a teenager in the days of all the TEAM USA Basketball hype. Perhaps some of you remember, it was when the US decided to send their professional NBA types, instead of those college guys who I guess were losing all the time to teams like Yugoslavia or something. I wasn’t excited at the idea, nor am I a big sports fan, but it was interesting back then… Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan representin the US, it was as it was called – a dream team.… Read Full Text

Search Engine Boogie

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One quick photo sample of my vacation time More are available, as I put them up on my photoblog. (Yes I have a photoblog!)

I can smell the new semester in the air… its a bouquet of beer, paper, and perfume. But more importantly, there are new people milling around University buildings, and in the past few days I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a great new group of them – social scientists persuing Masters Degrees.… Read Full Text