Thanksgiving and Guinea-Bissau

It is no secret that I’m a huge admirer of my friend Pauline’s travels and writing in West Africa. She is my journalistic hero and Im so excited to see how her blog is evolving.  People should stop reading blogs about stupid new devices that cost too much money, and start reading about how people live their lives in places like Guinea-Bissau through the great observations of someone like Pauline.

Many of you are with family eating alot today and relaxing.  That is nice and I’m certainly somewhat jealous as I have to wait another week before finally seeing my family in New Jersey.  But in the mean time, I once again recommend you read Pauline’s blog as she is travelling in Guinea-Bissau and with every sentence I read I find myself wishing I was there with her.  One of my resolutions in the coming months, is to do just that…

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